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Output tool to an Access Database. What is correct way?


Would this be the correct way to direct output to an Access Database table?


Tool 180



When running a workflow from the Gallery Server, I get this error:


  • Error opening connect string: Can't create Data Source Object (Tool Id: 180) 


Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

That appears to be the correct file syntax. The next things I would test are:


1) Is it file specific? In other words, could a .yxdb of that data be saved there? There could be problems with the folder, or datastream going into the Output (180) tool. Download the workflow and test on your local machine because of #2. 


2) Does the Server worker have the necessary permissions to write to that folder? Most problems with Server/Scheduler/remote execution is that the Alteryx Service is running the workflow rather than your user credentials being used. 


3) Does the Server machine have Access/Access drivers installed? That was the problem for this topic: