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Output to multiple xlsx files

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(This was originally posted in the Knowledge Base but I think this is a better place to ask so I've moved it... Please pardon the confusion.)


Hi. Recently I need to do something similar to this knowledge article:


but I ran into a problem. The example above is outputting to Alteryx database format. I'd like to output mine into multiple Excel files (not worksheets). But it gave me a "You must specify a sheet name error." I tried different combination of the "Output Options" and "Take File/Table name from field" and still to no avail. My setting is this:




Basically my data has a few hundred rows with 2 columns only, and I'd like to split it into some 20+ files according to the "Dept" field.


Many thanks in advance!

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ACE Emeritus

The field value must be in the format <FileName>|||<SheetName>


Easiest way is to append the |||Sheet1 using a formula just before the output.


Simple example attached

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Thanks so much! Works perfectly!

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This solution is outputting the files I need, but the files seem to be corrupted. I selected .xlsx, but the files appear as type "File." I'm assuming it's an easy fix: any idea why these outputs would be corrupted?

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Hey jho,



you can just change the formula tool to [Field1] + '.xlsx|||Sheet1' and it will work.