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Output to multiple Excel sheets AND dynamic file name




I've searched around the forum but can't seem to find a solution to this.


I am outputting my results to an Excel file then adding two non related worksheets to the workbooks final output by creating a field "TAB NAME".  At the same time, I want to insert the current date into my filename.  I know I can do this separately but cannot figure out how to do both simultaneously.  Has anyone found a way to do this? Currently, I'm having to manually change the date in all 3 output tools and I'd like to have it dynamic.


Output configuration.jpgOutput configuration







Have you tried concatenating the date and the Tab Name into one field and using that? Just convert DateTimeToday() to a string then in a formula tool:


"Tab Name" + "Date String" 


Hope this helps,



Thanks for the idea, I don't think this will rename my workbook will it? I tried it out and it's adding the date to the tab name but I need to find a way to get the current date into the entire filename.


I may be not understanding the suggestion, please let me know.  Appreciate the help.






You are right, I misunderstood your problem. I think I have an answer it just is a little hard to describe. I will do my best.


Given that the file name stays the same other than the date changing.

- You can bring the path(excluding the .xlsx and sheet name) in using a text input.

- Then use a formula tool to concatenate on the date.

- Then append this field onto your data right before your outputs.

- Concatenate on your TAB_NAME(giving you a full path).

- Then change the drop down on the output tool to Change Entire path(using this new full path).


Sample Attached. Gonna need to be adjusted but if you follow it along it should get you there.