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Output to google sheets

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I cannot seem to use a Developer Login for the Google Sheets output tool.  I followed the instruction found here exactly (multiple times), but always get the same error:


I am able to get refresh token for this client id and secret but when I input the same here it gives this error. Is there a different ID and secret I should be using ?

Also tried using the client ID and secret which is already being used by another workflow it still works there but gives the same error when I connect here.

Thanks in advance





I tried it out, and the Google end of things has changed since the original article was written, but I was successful.  After I tried the first time, though, I later decided to enable Google Drive API as well as Google Sheets API in step 5.


My biggest problem had been that I somehow skipped step 7 the first time.  Maybe I didn't select "OAuth client ID",

create credentials.png


and it has to be that one in order to get the page with all the radio buttons:


web app.png


Once I got that done, and the Authorized redirect URI in there, it worked fine.



In the OAuth playground, clicked on the gear to configure and left everything at defaults except the check box and the credentials (though I'm not showing them in the picture).  I did delete extra spaces that got pasted when I entered credentials.


OAuth in playground.png

I chose the whole collection of sites for Google Sheets, and because the original article listed,,, etc, I added the appdata one as "Input your own scope."  I don't know whether that's necessary.  When I later tried a workflow with a Google Sheets Output tool, I had problems, so I came back and also selected the whole Google Drive collection as well.


Authorize APIs.pngAuthorize APIs 2.png


When I clicked on Authorize APIs, it asked me what account I wanted to use, and I only have one, so that part was easy.  The browser warned me, but I am the Developer, so I went fearlessly forward:



I granted permission to access my Google Drive, and then got to the next step in the playground.  That was to click (in Step 2) "Exchange authorization code for tokens."  After a few seconds, the site advanced me to Step 3, so I had to click to reopen Step 2 in order to copy the Refresh token.  With that in hand, Step 3 is optional, so I skipped it.



I double-checked that the Google Sheets API and the Google Drive API was enabled, back in my Google Developer's Dashboard:



enable API.png



 A very simple workflow with the Google Sheets Output tool worked, placing a new Google Sheet on my Google Drive.  Likewise a very simple workflow with the Google Sheets Input tool allowed me to fetch that sheet.


Lisa LePome
Senior Customer Support Engineer -- Knowledge Management Coach
Alteryx, Inc.
5 - Atom

Thank you turns out removing the spaces when i pasted in the gearbox at playground did the trick :)

5 - Atom

I have everything same, except this never popped up:



and I am getting Error Code 401: Unauthorized 


I seem to have everything else the same as the instructions though: