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Output to XML Excel File which is a Template for AgileCraft



I need to bulk upload data into AgileCraft, which only takes XML files or XLS files (but I've found this file type to be inconsistent). These are xml files configured as microsoft excel. The ability to write to these directly would be a big productivity driver as we could pre-populate most of the data and upload directly to AgileCraft; however, Alteryx doesn't output as an XML file.


I've tried some problem solving on my own and found that simply outputting to an XLSX file and then saving it as an XML file doesn't work for the bulk upload process. I need the ability to address specific cells due to the formatting. Thanks in advance.


See attached for a sample template. The sample template has many tabs even though I only use two. "Sheet1", which I'm trying to output my data into, and "Stories", which using formulas, will copy the data from Sheet1. I know there are Macros out there that convert CSV files into XML files, but I can't seem to wrap my head around them as I am still fairly new to Alteryx. Does anyone have any ideas to output as an XML file?


Any ideas would be appreciated!


(I had to zip the file as I kept getting the error "The contents of the attachment doesn't match its file type.")




Hello @Jlucas


Could you please upload a copy of your workflow as well for the community? This will help to see what you have done so far, and what you have attempted.

This will help to get a useful response quicker for you!


Community Moderator

Hello @Julcas 


Not sure if you have gone through this post for XML.


Please let me know if this helps.





I have a workflow, but it only transforms and formats data from another excel spreadsheet and outputs it to the template I gave. It's the not particular workflow that I'm having problems with, it's the ability to output to an XML file.


Hello @ydmuley 


I tired the wizard, but my data doesn't seem to load. I try opening the output file and I get a blank screen. If I try opening it in excel I get a XML parse error. The reason being "Missing equals sign between attribute and attribute value."


Here is an example of the tabular data that I am trying to load, and the output that I am getting.