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Output to PDF when workflow has with PCXML and htmlpassthrough tags


I am able to save a report as HTML with a pretty non-standard layout using <htmlpassthrough> tags inside of Report Text. This bit is working very well.

Now, when I try to output the same report as a PDF, I miss out on elements of my reports (specifically, those on which I had used <htmlpassthrough>)

Is it not possible to save the complete layout to PDF when the data has <htmlpassthrough> tags?

Any pointers are much appreciated. Thanks!




I have a few reports that output as PCXML but none have html tags. If you can share your workflow, I'd be happy to play around with it.


One possible workaround comes to mind. 1) Use a Block Until Done tool 2) Render the text containing the HTML tags as an image file. 3) Replace your Report  tool with an Image tool and import the image of the text into your final render instead of the text.


Something like this:




Let me know if this works for your use case!


@ddiesel Thanks a lot for your response and suggestion.


The html content I’m trying to render is extremely long text data(spanning multiple pages) and rendering as an image would be a challenge.

The image gets squished vertically and turns illegible. It’s also a problem to place that on the PDF file, so I think that approach might not work.


Here’s a sample of the problem I’m facing, which demonstrates how the PDF and HTML outputs vary. Appreciate your thoughts on this.