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Output to Excel with an Active Sum or Difference Formula


I have been able to output three separate analyses of data to three separate existing tabs in my existing Excel template file through my Alteryx workflow. However, on one of the tabs, I would like to have Alteryx enter a formula in Column V (basically my last output column) that adds up the amounts in Column R / Column T (i.e., V2 = R2 + T2, V3 = R3 + T3, etc.). I have seen some similar questions in other Alteryx discussions, but was not able to find a given solution. I would like to be able to open the written Excel file and this Column V is full of all these SUM formulas instead of having to add this in manually or having to do any Find/Replace anything. 


Is this possible?


Additionally, I would like after these three tabs have been written to the template to save the Template file with a different file name through the Alteryx workflow. I have a tab named "Period" in all three of the tabs that has the value I'd like to use to rename the file.


Hello @taxguy33 


Are you referring to a problem similar to the one solved in the attached post?


This or the VBA code can be the solution.





@ydmuley Yes, this is a similar problem. However, when I run this version of code for my issue, the output to the xlsx file just shows  "= (R2 + T2)", "= (R3 + T3)". The output does not show the result of the formula, which means I would have to do some find/replace formula to remove the first lead space to get the formula to calculate. I'd really like to get these to show up as formulas that have been calculated already, not as a "string".


@taxguy33  on xlsx it will not give you active formula, for that you will have to try .csv