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Output to Excel - Field Containing URL




     I want to export a standard Excel sheet but one of the fields contains an hyperlink.  When the user opens up the file, I need the URL to show up as an hyperlink (in blue and underlined).  This only happens if I edit the field in Excel.  Attached is my simple workflow.  Should I be using another tool other than "Output Data"?  I attached a sample workflow.


Current and required results

Output to Excel.pngOutput to Excel2.png










I think there might be two possible ways to achieve what you are looking for, both of which require use of the Reporting tools.  Specifically the Report Text tool, which gives you the ability turn the URL sting in your data into a link, or you can just use this tool to make the fields in your URL column Blue and Underlined.  The attached workflow demonstrates both options.  Both options require you to use the Report Text tool, the Table tool, and the Render tool.


If you want the results of the attached workflow to generate an Excel file in your folders, change the configuration in the "Output Mode" on the Render tool (pictured below).  Right now it is set to Render a temp Excel file, but you can change it to render physical file on your desktop.


Render Tool.jpg


Thank you