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Output to Excel - Corrupt file

9 - Comet



I have a very big workflow that at the very end outputs diggerent aggregation to one Excel file but to different worksheets.


The file is created beforehand and if it's empty - everything works fine.


However the aim is that I have some charts and data model connected to those worksheets - what I would like to achieve is to replace the worksheets and then I can open Excel file and refresh the Power Query data connections. It works if I do it manually but when I create the file with worksheets, charts and data model and give it to ALteryx - the workflow runs just fine but then Excel comes up with an error


"We found a problem with some content in '<filename'. Do you want us to recover..... 


After trying to recover it fails. Any help?

12 - Quasar

If the file and sheet structure already exists, are you using the 'Overwrite sheet (drop)' option in the excel output tool?


If you have multiple output files- I would write those to seperate excel files, then have a 'report' excel file with the charts and references to the data files.  That way, Alteryx never writes to the excel file with the charts, just the data files.  That will likely spare you from potential file conflicts.

7 - Meteor

Hi Friends, 


Not sure who is still experiencing this but I was running into the same error. Turns out Alteryx was writing a sheet name that was too long for Excel. Shorting the sheet name in the workflow before output resolved the error for me. Hope it can help someone else as well. 


Thank you, 


5 - Atom



I had the same issue and after researching and trying different things, i realized that if I created the sheet first in the excel file and then reference it in the alteryx flow for output it will work (choose Overwrite sheet (drop)). Otherwise if you want to add a new sheet from alteryx it will corrupt your entire excel workbook. 


Hope this helps.

6 - Meteoroid

This worked - i.e. creating the file with the named sheets first.  Thank you!