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Output excel data to an existing excel template.

Alteryx Partner

Hi guys,


I have seen multiple posts regarding outputting Alteryx file to an existing Excel template but none of them have been particularly useful. I have started using Alteryx very recently and I am pretty sure there are things that I am not familiar with. Can someone please tell me how can I append my Book1 data to the Simple Monthly budget 1 file (Monthly expense sheet).


The ultimate motive is that the reports I have to provide to customers are excel files that are template reports, but they have filters, some have pivot tables and graphs. Right now, I pull in multiple sources of data, do some transformations and export it to an excel file. I takes the raw excel output from Alteryx, then copy and paste it into the template. But really, I would like to just export the data from the workflow directly into the template so I can lose that manual step of copy and paste. 


I appreciate help. Please find the sample excel file to append and the excel template to append to.

Thank you


You can define a range around the column headers in your excel file and then get the Output tool to write to that range. See attached workflow and your modified template. You'll have to play around with the formatting in your template to get that exactly right


excel write to range.png