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Output data - using variables in the "Write to File or Database"


Hello -


I am hoping someone could direct me to the right place. I can't find any other reference (I know, someone will have a link to something similar) but I am sorry I did not find anything.


My question is: I have a variable/Column defined "File_Name" as "H:\tmp\Alteryx\tmp\"+[Cycle]+ " Test.xlsx|||Sheet1". I am trying to use it the 'Write to File or Database" field when outputting my data to excel.


When I use the same string "H:\tmp\Alteryx\tmp\Cycle 5 Test.xlsx|||Sheet1" in the "Write to File or Database" it works.


Thanks for your help!!!




Do you get any kind of error?


I tried a simple version of this and it seems to write a file fine with my hard coded location and with a generated location. If your [Cycle] variable is a number you may have to convert it to a string?


"C:\mypath\" + ToString([Cycle]) + " test.xlsx|||Sheet1"

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At the bottom of the Output Data tool config you can change this:


2019-06-21 06_58_24-Alteryx Designer x64 - New Workflow1_.png


In the dropdown you will see your field called File_Name.


It's important to .... 


- check the box "Take File/Table Name From Field"

- change the dropdown to "Change Entire File Path"

- probably UNCHECK the "Keep Field in Output" 



The error i get says something about needing to name the file.


Thank you! That will work if I am renaming the entire file. However, I am using the feature you outlined below to generate multiple tabs containing other variable names. In other words, I have a column called Type that is saved as a separate sheet for each value. But I need to use column File_Name to save the entire name of the file containing another variables "Cycle" that is also calculated within the workflow. 


Did you put the expression in the "Write to File or Database" field in Output data tool? And it worked? I am getting an error that I must specify a sheet name.





Adding "|||Sheet" at the end fixed it... It is running fine now.