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Output data to a specific file, specific worksheet, specific table

7 - Meteor

Hi all,

I am trying to output data to a specific file, specific worksheet, specific table (Table 2) in this worksheet. I am able to achieve it all except for outputting to the table. 


The workflow I have


1. Firstly, create multiple copies of the template based on the number of employees in a particular month with employee id as a filename

2. Then, based on employee id, workflow outputs data to each file, goes to a specific worksheet "Data point", and paste that employee data from cell A2 to AE15000. AF2 to AL2 has formulas.


I have an issue with step 2. I am trying to have my workflow output data to the table in the excel file.


When I used to do it manually, I copy and paste data in excel and it automatically converts (resized) to table, hence, formulas in column AF to AL were working. With workflow, I am able to output but its not within the table, hence formulas in column AF to AL not working.  


Also, when I open the file after workflow runs, I am getting an error






16 - Nebula

you need it in this format:


filepath(including excelfilename)|||`[sheetname]:A2:AE15000$`


so you have to concatenate [filepath] [sheetname] and [range]  as described above. - then you write to fullpath.