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Output currency in Excel as number not string

7 - Meteor

I am having trouble outputting data into Excel. I have invoices that include dollar amounts, but when I output to Excel in order to have the dollar sign I have to convert to a string.

Is there any way to output a column of currency as a number in Excel instead of a string?

13 - Pulsar

Look into the Reporting tools.  I used the Table tool to add a "$" prefix, then a Render tool to output.  In the resulting excel file, the number format ends up as "Currency" rather than text.


Hope it helps!

7 - Meteor

Thank you danrh!!

9 - Comet

I just tried this, and it works fine except for negative number which still remain as text on the excel output. I realized this is because I used a layout too later to arrange tabs...a warning saying "the current page layout will cause some data to be truncated"  Any ideas?


Ok problem solved- I had to change my report size into something bigger, thats all.