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Output column to be used as input to an API


I'm trying to take output from a cross tab that produces columnar data and use it as the input to build post body to be sent to an API.  For instance, I want to flatten all of my IDs into a comma separated string (API takes an Array) and then make one call. 


I'm new to the tool so still learning.

Thanks in advance


Assuming you have a column in your data with the IDs (let's assume it's called 'ID Field') you could use a Multi-Row formula tool to create a new string field that appends each ID to the previous with a comma.  You then grab this new field in the last row of data and you have your array of IDs.


If you name this new field 'ID for API', the formula would look like: Row -1 [ID for API]+','+Current Row [ID Field]

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Similar to what @dataMack posted: you could also use the Summarize tool


Check this post from yesterday:


Thank you both, but the summarize is EXACTLY what I'm looking for.