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Output Issue

8 - Asteroid

Hi Alteryx Team


How do I gain an output in such a way that

Type should be the same(Right type - initial and Type - initial), as well as the Direction should be opposite (Right Direction - outgoing and Direction - incoming) then the Right Amount should add with the Amount (78+74 = 152)

If type is variation and doesn't have and Direction is Incoming or outgoing but doesn't have a link with a Right_Type Variation the Amount would be just 125


Input -

ABC Co.78InitialIncomingABC Co.74InitialOutgoing
ABC Co.125VariationIncomingABC Co.74InitialOutgoing


Output -

There should be 2

ABC Co.152Initial


ABC Co.125Variation


Please Help

Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @stevegeorge ,


I attached a workflow with the solution I came up with. I'm not sure I correctly understood all the conditions but If not, you can customise the conditions within the formula tool.


Don't hesitate if you have questions or need more details.


Have a great day !


Kind regards,




Hi @stevegeorge 


I think that this can be achieved using a Formula tool and IF statements to build this logic.


It may require some adjustments as I am not sure if I fully understand your current problem, but the attached workflow should help with this.


Let me know if you have any questions