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Output Excel worksheets into the same workbook by unique grouping.


Hi all,


I've been having a problem where I need to report my data in groups and break out the report into multiple worksheets.  For example, if I have a city column, I normally use a filter tool to filter out records that only contain that city and then send the output to an output tool.  However, my dataset is much larger and I'm looking at using 20+ filter tools with 20+ output tools to achieve this task.


I'd like to create a way to output data based on the data in a specific field.  So I my idea is to using a macro (which I have limited exposure to and unsure which type to use), and use the following tools to achieve this task: Tile Tool (using unique), Dynamic Rename, Filter and Output Tool.   I think I can use the tile tool outside of the macro, feed in the tiled data and filter by the unique tile group using the dynamic rename to change the filter and sheet name.  How to set this up and make it work properly is what I need help with, or if there is another tool that does this like a Dynamic Output Tool.


Please see the attached dummy data, and thank you guys so much for all your input!



Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

No need for filters or a macro or anything like that, this is available straight out of the box with a single output tool.


Check out the options available at the bottom of the output data tool when you select xlsx workbook.

Here you can 'change file/table name from field'.


Check this box and you will then have the ability too add a suffix/prefix change entire name (with an excel file this means to the sheet). You then choose the field you want to cut your data by, say city, and then whether you want to keep the field in the output.

When you hit run alteryx will generate n number of sheets based on the number of cities that exist in your data.



Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Example attached.




Thank you Ben!


This saved me a lot of time.