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Output Data

7 - Meteor

Hi Team,


I have designed a workflow which output to an excel file. Column range is from A to D which is fixed as the fields are fixed. Row range may change when i run the work flow on a daily basis. I have some formula in the excel file from column G to H. I have 10 sheets in total.




(1) When i run the query today, old output file  which was run yesterday should be deleted and new file should be in column A to D. Rows will change on a daily basis.

(2) Formula's which i have  inserted should remain in all the 10 sheets.


Can someone share your ideas.






8 - Asteroid

I would re-create all the formulas in Alteryx. Is that not feasible? 

7 - Meteor

Hi Sjm,


Yes, that's an option, But user wants the formula to be interactive. If we use formula in Alteryx, it will not carry the formula to out put file. That's my problem.



11 - Bolide

Hi @Shankar,


For this scenario I would suggest using something similar to Google Sheets' IMPORTRANGE Function, except for Excel. Essentially what you do is create a dummy file, probably a csv, that you will query in your actual file. The dummy csv will be what Alteryx will overwrite every time you run your workflow. The query in your acutal file will then read from this csv, essentially creating a duplicate. The key difference, however, is that this duplicate can be used in formulas in other sheets and the formulas will not break. If you were to skip this dummy file step, any formulas you had would break when you overwrite your original file with Alteryx.


Make sense?




7 - Meteor



Would it be possible to share a sample work flow for the scenario which you explained. I am not familiar with the topic.

My out put file has 10 sheets.


I will use the sample work flow and test if my requirements are met.