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Output Data to Named Range - Issue with first row


Hi All,


I am having an issue when outputting data to a named range in excel (.xls) file. Background - I am trying to populate an Oracle Journal Upload Template. I know there are probably better ways of doing this, but we are quite restricted at our company so need to do it this way (for now).


I have named the range I want to send the data to as "Journal_Detail", but I only want to send the data. Not the header. So have started my import on line 2. However this is giving me corrupted data in my output (ie converting the 1st row of data to string for field names and filling the blank cells as per below)




Does anybody know a way to overcome this? - I have considered Pre or Post SQL statements, but not sure how or possibly including the header and deleting somehow?


Thanks for your suggestions






Could you output it into a different sheet (raw data) and have this one mapped in Excel to the master without the headers?


Hi @MichalM, yeah that would have been the easy solution. Unfortunately, these templates are highly protected with VBA code that protects all the cells. They are the old Oracle upload templates if you have ever come across them and the versions we are using don't even work on 64bit excel due to how out of date the code is behind them. In any normal organization, we would be able to post directly to Oracle, but we move slow where I am. Appreciate your input though.


I think the issue is actually with the input tool rather than the output, but am no longer looking for a solution