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Output Data Won't Save Edits Made to Post Create SQL Statement

7 - Meteor

Recently I updated to 2020.1.1.23790.  A strange thing has happened to my saved workflows since then.

I will use Alteryx to write new rows to SQL tables.  Per request of our DBAs I use the In/Out tools for this as opposed to the In-Database tools since these servers are hit often by our clients during the workday. 


Now onto my problem.


Some of my Output Data tools have 'Post Create SQL Statements' in them.  Since the update changes I make to this tool do not save.


An example of this is I have to update this step to change the database I'm going to write to.  I have a generic placeholder of 'database_XXX' where I change the 'XXX' to the database I'm to write to.  In this case I would change 'database_XXX' to 'database_ABC' and click 'ok'.  When I go back into the tool though it revers my change back to 'database_XXX'. 


I'm not having this problem anywhere else in the flow that has SQL statements.  My Input Data tools save similar changes I make to the 'Table or Query'.


I've attempted to remove and add in a new Output Data, and while this does allow me to save the changes I make, if I try to edit them later I run into the same problem. 


I've also spoken to our DBA's to see if this might be a problem on our side where the consensus seems to be it is not on our end. 


Anyone else run into a similar problem?


Please download the latest stable update which resolves this issue: