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Output Data Tool Error -- ORA-01008 -- Oracle Database


I am trying to output data into an Oracle database table.  I want the workflow to update existing data entries or insert new entries if new.


However, I am getting an odd error.  Can anyone offer some advice on how to fix this?  I am 100% sure that the field names are correct.


Error: Output Data (85): DataWrap2OCI::SendBatch: ORA-01008: not all variables bound




Pic #1.pngpic #2.png





Alteryx Partner

WOW, it's been a LONG time since I had to deal with bind variables in Oracle :)


Without going too far down the technical path, the easy Alteryx-style answer is "check your field mappings". There must be a field that is in the workflow that you're not linking properly in the output tool.  To solve that, the usual method I use is a Select tool just before the output so you can see what's going to be fed to the Output tool and you have a place to change datatypes (etc) if you need to


Thanks for the suggestion.  It looks like the issues was with the 'field type' of a variable.


I had one variable that was defined as a string in my Alteryx workflow, but is defined as an integer in my Oracle database.  Adding the select tool and changing the type fixed the error.


Thanks again.