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Output Data Error

5 - Atom

Alteryx Ver: 2019.2.5.62427


Good afternoon everyone,


I am having an issue adding tabs to a excel file that outputted using the render tool. When I just use the excel data output tool the two tabs go into an excel file fine. However, when I do 1. Render 2. Excel Tab 3. Excel Tab. It gets an error when opening the file and the data doesn't populate.


The reason I do not want to use the render tool for the excel outputs as well is because of the formatting issues that occur when I try and output these using the render tool.


Does anyone have an idea of how to fix this and a solution?






Are you leveraging the Block Until Done tool? I would recommend using it to create the sheet first and then add the other two sheets once it has successfully been created. This usually helps to avoid output errors like the one you are describing.


Here is a screenshot of how I would configure it.



Let me know if this is helpful. If this does not fix the problem please provide some additional info, and I will be happy to offer another suggestion. Thanks!


- Luke

5 - Atom



Thank you! I actually did do this as well and I am still getting the error when I open the file. It has the tabs but it's missing the data. I am baffled on what's happening. I appreciate any additional input. I am having the tables for the render file and the excel data go through the same union. So, I think this really shouldn't be an issue. Maybe I am missing something?

7 - Meteor



Have you tried to delete the files on your computer and rerunning the workflow?  I have had a similar issue in the past where the original file had an error and rerunning the workflow did not clear the excel for whatever reason.