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Outlook Import Tool

7 - Meteor!app/Outlook-Tools-Install/597b35c2f499c716ec34a782


Hello - 

Ive downloaded and ran the command twice.  After shutting down Alteryx and Reopening. The Outlook Import tool is still unavailable in the Connectors folder. Any suggestions how to make this available? 

Thank you! 

12 - Quasar

Hi @aelam ,

I have admin and non admin Alteryx versions on same laptop .

I think it works only  from  Alteryx admin install  as it is  installed  under program files. I tried to install non admin install  and  I can't change    default  ( program files)  dir  . Copying  c:\Program Files\Alteryx\Outlook\   to non admin  dir  

c:\Users\xxxxxx\AppData\Local\Alteryx\Outlook\   does not work .


7 - Meteor

Thank you 

I found this was a driver issue. 

I've now have it downloaded. But I'm unable to successfully configure.  Do you have any guidance on proper configuration. 




7 - Meteor

I was able to connect with this version of the Outlook Input tool.!app/Outlook-Input--Office365--beta/5dc2d7c3826fd30ac477981d

8 - Asteroid

What was your driver issue, @aelam?