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Order of the message workflow




I am wandering if there is a logic in the message results of the workflow once I have run it.


I have 4 input files (A1-A2-A3-A4), some formulas, cleansing, and other tools, and then I have added another input file (B).

I run the workflow

In the result message part (the part below the workflow), I see in the first line that input file B and then below after some message the input files A1, A2, A3 and A4.


Does it means that Alteryx treated the information in a random way ?


Thank you for your input

Alteryx Certified Partner

The order in which messages appear follow executions.

It will always start execution by the smaller IDTOOL.

In the image below you will see 4 TOOLS.

Input Data (ID1)
Browse (ID4)
Input Text (ID3)
Browse (ID5)

As it starts execution by ID1 it terminates ID1 and shows ID4 (BROWSE)

And then it starts ID3 and shows ID4 (BROWSE)
Pic 1



If you delete ID 1 and create another Input Data (ID6) it will reverse the order of execution.
Pic 2


Alteryx Certified Partner

The logic that controls the order of operations has a number of influencing variables. Of course, the tool connections will influence order, but what if there are 5 input tools? In that case, the ToolID # typically controls the order of input. 


You can check to see if this is the case by checking the Tool ID of each tool (Configuration window > Annotation) or in the results window: there will be a number in parenthesis for each line (like "Input (5)" ). See if these input tools follow an ascending numeric order. 


Aie !

i had to delete my first Input tool and recreate a new one after having built the workflow.

So the IDtool is bigger than the 2nd Input data tool, therefore I understand it is done after.

That's logic !

So how can I change the IDtool number please ?

The workflow has to start with my 4 input datas.


By the way, I had to delete it because the tips to do : Export *.xls in the formula, for the 4 same exports with same names didn't work. It only ran 2 files out of 4



Thanks for your advice


Thanks for your explanation, which confirm the answer I received from Carlos.

I am having other pb now with the IDnumber not in the right order ;-(

Alteryx Certified Partner

Tool ID numbers are assigned when a tool is added to the canvas. So if you want to force something to the end, cut and paste it. The pasted tool will be treated as a new tool and get the next tool ID available. If you want a tool to be first, cut and paste everything else. You can also use Block Until Done tools (in the Developer category). 


The point is that the tool ID doesn't matter because the Alteryx engine will make sure the workflow is processed in the correct order in accordance with the tool connections. If it's defaulting to tool ID values, then it doesn't matter which one is processed first.