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Oracle Store Procedure


Hi All,


I am trying to execute a store Procedure on Oracle database using both OLEB and ODBC connections but I am getting the error (see attached).


I am using the Pre SQL in the Input data tool to execute Store Proc.error.png


Any suggestions?




Executing PreSQL: [Oracle][ODBC]Syntaxt error or access violation
Error Running PreSQL: [Oracle][ODBC]Syntaxt error or access violation


When you run a workflow locally in Alteryx Designer it runs as the user who is currently logged in.  When you the schedule or push that workflow to the server it will run as the local system account (not logged in user).  If you set up your database to use windows authentication you could get errors since the workflow will essentially run as a different user on the server and thus not be able to authenticate. 


To combat this you can ask your DBA to permission the local system account for the database or you can set a Run As user in the system settings of Alteryx.  Setting a Run As User will allow the workflow to run under different credentials.


Can you try setting up the Run As credentials under tools-->System Settings? The Run As User will allows the workflow to access files or data that may otherwise be inaccessible by default. Please let me know if it works.


Read more about it here and  here






Did you set up the Run As credentials and test it?