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Oracle EBS integration with Alteryx


Hi all,


We are trying to feed data into Alteryx directly from an Oracle EBS system .


We didnot find any built in connectors in Alteryx .


Kindly let us know what will be the best solution for this scenario  and it will be better if we can also dynamically read data from Oracle EBS systems into Alteryx.


Let us know the best tool or connectors for this case and even better if any opensource solution.


Hello @sayanabc,


Have you referred to the Alteryx help article about Oracle Database connections?

If not, you can access it here.

If this does not help you, please let me know and I can look into this further.





Hi @TrevorS ,


Actually we wanted to feed data from the ORACLE EBS or say ERP systems directly into Alteryx and not using database ,


so is there any way or connectors where we can input the ERP password and get the data and feed that into Alteryx.


Let me know if there are any connectors or third party tools for this integration with Alteryx and Oracle EBS platforms.



For your Oracle EBS system, which type of database actually stores the data?  An Oracle database?  If I'm remembering correctly, I think Oracle EBS supports different back-end databases.


Data will flow directly from your back-end database to Alteryx, typically using an ODBC connection.


Not sure what you mean by "ERP systems directly into Alteryx and not using database".