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Option to select which container is to be run

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I have created a workflow which consists of 7 unique workflows. 5 workflows are in 5 different containers and remaining 2 are not assigned any container. The intension behind this is the workflow outside container must run every time. Whereas, I get an option to disable any workflow with the help of container.


Manually scrolling and enabling/ disabling containers is kind of long winded way. I was hoping to get an option through Interface tools so that I can select which container is to be run along with those 2 workflows outside.

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Hi @VEDH ,


RADIO BUTTONS in the Interface tool palette can definitely help you achieve it.

See an example for the Radio button in the Alteryx Designer, it will definitely guide you.



Shreyansh Rathod

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Hi @shreyanshrathod,


Since I am new to Alteryx. I was not able to do it with Radio Button.


Before posting in community I played a lot with that tool. Initially I used Radio Button on 3 containers to test. When I selected "container 1" to run, it was giving input error (data missing) on container 2 and 3 (other containers would not have data sometimes, that's the reason I created containers). As alteryx was running other containers which were unselected, I tried all combinations of the setting to get it sorted but unfortunately ended up being more confused. Hence, later I posted on community.


My bad luck is I also could not share the workflow as it is on my office system and sharing anything form there would be a data breach.



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13 - Pulsar



The Input Error (Data Missing) will come if you try and Join the data together from the inputs and one is missing.  It will take some work to properly format the workflow after, but a Union tool will bring data together and not error if data is missing from one of the inputs.  Using filenames or other identifiers is useful in this case to keep track of which data is coming from each source.


Radio Buttons can be tricky with multiple containers.  The app solution involves using the Update Value with Formula in the Action tool.  In the attached sample workflow, I have shown how it would work using your situation.  The Radio Button technique only allows for one of the Containers to be activated; if you need more than one to be activated, a List Box can be used with a modified formula.  The key to both is to have the Containers disabled before the app is run and the selections enable the container(s).


Let me know if you have questions.  Hopefully this gets you started in the direction to complete your workflow.

List Box Configuration.png




List Box Action Tool Configuration.png


Radio Button Action Tool Configuration.png


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Hi @T_Willins 


Thanks a ton for that in detail explanation.


I got my work done just by using List Box Tool. Your formula "IF Contains([#1],"Container3") THEN 'False' ELSE 'True' ENDIF" really helped me. More than thanks for that.


Much appreciated. Cheers.