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Optimization tool setup

Alteryx Certified Partner


Hi everyone!!


I just wondering if you can help me with the configuration of an optimization tool. I have this problem (schedulling), where:
i = 1, ..., 21 number of shifts (three shifts in one day - morning, afternoon and night) and
j = 1 ... 5 number of employees
As a test I was trying to do the optimization using the constraints (the ones in the red box)
And that will be something like this:
Constraint 1:
Employee1_Shift1 + Employee1_Shift2 + Employee1_Shift3 <= 1
Employee1_Shift2 + Employee1_Shift3 + Employee1_Shift4 <= 1
.... and so on .... to reach the shift 21 (That means that each employee can only work in one shift in one day)
Constraint 2:
Employee1_Shift1 + Employee2_Shift1 + Employee3_Shift1 + Employee4_Shift1 + Employee5_Shift1> = 1
Employee1_Shift2 + Employee2_Shift2 + Employee3_Shift2 + Employee4_Shift2 + Employee5_Shift2> = 1
... and so on .... to reach the shift 21 (That means that all shifts must have at least one employee on service)

But I don't get any result and I don't understand why. This is the error that I get
I hope you can help me!! I'm attaching my workflow
Thanks for all your help!