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Optimization tool, multiple constraints problem



I have a problem that I never thought would be a problem. I will put it very simple and please ask if you need more information.

In my A-matrix i have a couple of factories, say 10, i assign all of these to my variables from O with 1 or null etc. In my B-matrix, some of the factories have a minimum limit AND a maximum limit. Therefore I need one dir <= and one >=. The issue is that in my A-matrix i only have one factory in one column and it is not possible to have 2 columns with the same name. However if i try to put both constraints in the b-matrix it will produce an error since there is only one factory column in the A-column. Is it not possible to have two constraint like this?


Thank you very much!


Hi @MarcusSkog,


From what I've seen in examples, in Alteryx these types of constraints are entered in the bounds section when configuring your model. For instance:



Here is one way you can configure this type of lp, using the example above:


The other input tool going into the A node is just that one line constraint:



Hope this helps!






Thank you very much for your quick reply. It looks like this solution might work for me also, never thought of the option to put those boundaries in the O-Matrix. I will try this out.


Regards, Marcus



Hi again! My problem is that my constraints are over a group of factories. For instance if i have 10 factories in total in the goal-function, call them A1-A10. Then one MAX constraint and MIN constraint applies on for instance A1 combined with A2. Therefore I can't have correct lb and ub since it is a combination/sum between many? 


Thanks again

Sr. Data Science Content Engineer
Sr. Data Science Content Engineer

Hi @MarcusSkog,


I'd be happy to help you with this. Do you think you could post an example of what you have in mind with data (even some dummy data would be amazing)? It sounds like you want to use the optimization tool to select factories, is this correct? What are your constraints and what are you optimizing on? Are you seeing unexpected outcomes from how you have it set up currently, or errors? What do you expect the output to look like? Any additional detail you can provide will be super helpful for helping you get your optimization problem set up.


Thank you!