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Optimal Opportunity Age forecast



I have run Logistical Regression model that predicts if opportunity within sales funnel will be 'Lost' or 'Won' based on certain fields. One of those fields is 'Opportunity Age' (days of opportunity since creation).


I am wondering if there is a test or a model within Alteryx I can run to now identify what would be the ideal/optima/statistically significant 'Opportunity Age' that will show if the deal will be 'Lost' or 'Won'.

Ex: Opportunities after 270 will be Won OR  Opportunities under 90 days are more likely to be 'Lost'


Based on Logistic Regression I am able to forecast whether deals will be won or lost HOWEVER i can't tell if they will be lost or won in current quarter (CQ) or next quarter (NQ)...just the fact that at some point they have high probability of being lost or won. I'm hoping optimal Opp. Age field will help me narrow those deals down to whether deal is won in CQ or NQ


Thank you


Hi @arnorian_intapp,


you could try and see if there's any correlation between variables in your data set and the length of the sales cycle (number of days from opportunity creation to closure, won or lost). Based on that you could build another model (Boosted, Forest, Linear Regression, ...) to predict the sales cycle lenght and combine this information with the previous model that you built to figure out if the close date happens in CQ or NQ.


If you need extra help on how to predict continuous numeric variables, you can have a look at this training below: