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Open All Workflows in same session


Is there a simple way to make all workflows open in the same session of Alteryx? Every time I click on an Alteryx file it opens a new session.  I think I read this was addressed in the recent version but can't find the configuration setting (if it exists. 



Not sure if click/open all is an option anywhere but I usually just drag the yxmd file from file explorer into the work space of an open file and it opens in that instance of alteryx.


I just tried dragging 2 files at once and they both opened.


This was changed in v11.5.


The option is in User Settings >> 'Open Alteryx files as new workflow tabs in same Designer window.'


I installed 11.5 and have the option checked off. 


However, if I double-click on an Alteryx file in the Windows explorer and Alteryx, is already open, it still opens up a new "session" of the app.  Do I need to restart to get this feature working? Maybe the new feature is doing something different than what I am expecting?


 I feel like this should be basic functionality. Am I crazy?  It is annoying to end up with 3 - 4 sessions open (or having to only open the workflows from the File menu. 





I don't know for sure, but that's definitely the kind of setting where I would think restarting Alteryx would be needed.