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Only records with intersections of one data set

Alteryx Certified Partner

Ok, philosophical approach to what should be an easy question. 


One data set:  each record has a lat/long

Created a centroid from lat/long

Created a trade area 5 mile radius for each centroid

(easy so far)

want to understand and have a data set with 'only' the intersections of those trade areas in my single data set. 


Spatial process wants 2 different data sets to create intersection. 


Don't care about the extra, I only want the intersections of my trade areas. 



Alteryx Partner

Hi @WaterMark,


Did you try Spatial Match tool to check if it satisfy your desired output?



Alteryx Certified Partner

I don't have 2 data sets. I don't have a target and a universe. I only have a single set from which I've created centroids, and trade areas off those centroids.  Want to know where the trade areas intersect. 


Hi @WaterMark 


In your case, feed the records into both the Target and Universe Inputs of the Spatial Match tool.  It will spit out pairs of trade areas that intersect.  After removing the records when the a trade area intersects itself, use a Spatial Process to create the intersections.  




Resulting in 





Alteryx Certified Partner

Thanks for the help. This isn't what I used, but it gave me a couple ideas that I used to solve my problem. 

Alteryx Certified Partner

accidental duplication


You're welcome @WaterMark 


Glad to help