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Only including data after a certain character appears in the Data

8 - Asteroid



I have a dataset that looks like the below:


John Smith (RC12345)


I want to create a new column with only RC12345 from the data above.


How would I go about doing this?

13 - Pulsar

Hi @NRD,


You can use a RegEx parse to do this with the following expression:  .*?\((.*?)\)

.*?   all characters until

\(     open parenthesis - the \ (escape) is required as ( is a Perl special character and the \ is required to indicate find the character and not use it as a special character

(.*?)   return all following characters until

\)    close parenthesis - same escape required as above


RegEx Parse.png


8 - Asteroid

@T_Willins Thank you very much, this works!