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Onedrive Tools Installation Errors




I am currently running Alteryx Version 2018.3.4.51586 and I am trying to install the "Onedrive Tools" .YXI file from the alteryx gallery. (!app/OneDrive-Tools/5b1f09810462d72900a250e7)


When installing I get an error in regards to azure. I will attach an image of the error below. I have tried installing on other colleagues computers with the 11.3 October 1st update and they are also getting the error.


The Onedrive tools was updated 21 days ago and I am wondering if anyone else is getting this error as well.


Does this article help to resolve your issue?



Customer Support Engineer

I am not a developer by any means so much if this information is foreign. 


Any update here on how to solve this issue? I am getting the same error. 


The link doesn't really provide any step by step guidance for those who are only familiar with a simple RUN install.


Yes I am also having the same error.


Can we get some guidance on how to fix this? I receive the "azure.common" message as well