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ORA-00903: invalid table name on preSQL in Output

7 - Meteor




I am trying to do a merge query in my preSQL output tool, but am getting a ORA-00903 invalid table name on my PreSQL query. I know the oracle database table is called GROUPS, which looks like a reserved word and think this is why I am getting this error. 


Is there a way to fix this so I can get the PreSQL query to run the process? 




8 - Asteroid

Hi @lruchlin


If the reserved word is the problem you should be able use SCHEMA_NAME.TABLE_NAME to still access the table. Another option would be to put it in double quotes. In oracle double quotes signal a database object. 


It neither of those work we might need some more info to solve it.



5 - Atom

I tried putting Schema_name.table_name still I am getting same error.


Could you suggest what might be the issue exactly.