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ODBC connection- valid connection string


Hello! Has anybody encountered 'Customized write drivers must have a valid connection string' error when configuring connection to Hadoop Impala? I downloaded ODBC, and tested the connection of user DSN; it says ‘connected successfully’. Also I realized that I have two copies of ODBC driver: Simba Impala ODBC Driver and Cloudera ODBC Driver for Impala.(I downloaded one of them for configuring Tableau.) Might it be the confliction between the two copies of ODBC drivers?




Conflict shouldn't be an issue since you are explicitly selecting the driver in Alteryx when making the connection.  Might be a good idea to uninstall both, then reinstall just the 1, try to connect, if unsuccessful, uninstall and then reinstall the other then test that.


I'd also check with your IT support / DBA since it might be a setting on our Hadoop cluster controller that is causing the problem (unlikely if you can already connect in Tableau)


Make sure that in the WRITE driver you select the native one. It may not be the same but I had a problem with SQL and had to change it from SQL SERVER BULK LOADER to SAME AS READ DRIVER


Worked for me! Thanks!