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ODBC Connections datasource freezing

Alteryx Certified Partner




We have connected to Azure SQL database from "Input Data" tool.

The workflow freezes with every modification.

It consumed our time, we could not work well. It is too slow.

It takes a long time to move one tool.


We have disabled all write outputs which are the same database and tables. It enhanced our workflow but it is still too slow.


What is the problem with ODBC connection? Is it from our database or workflow?

@AhmedAlZabidi I hope you were able to fix the workflow freezing issue. I am writing this reply, just to answer folks who might have faced a similar issue-


There can be a couple of reasons why your workflow freezes while modifying the input tool which uses an ODBC or any other database API. 


1) You might be using a VPN (like Cisco Anyconnect) to access the database which might be residing on a client network. You will have to work with your IT guys to make sure the tunneling performance is adequate. 


2) The most likely reason is the auto-configure option enabled by default on Alteryx Designer. To disable this go to Options>User Settings>Edit User Settings>Advanced and click on the option "Disable Auto Configure"  Doing this will remove the functionality of fields being populated on a newly added tool. Just hit F5 to manually configure the tools. 


Note: Based on my experience, using Alteryx Designer residing in a remote desktop gives better performance with respect to I/O connections compared to VPNs.