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Number of Characters in a text field of a CSV file exceeds Alteryx max


I have a string field that contains data (concatenated codes) that is separated by semicolon which I need to separate into individual cells. I adjusted the field length of the input tool to a very large number. The data is still being truncated. The max input that is being read is 1024. 


Does anyone know a way to have Alteryx input all the data without truncating it or breaking the field apart by the semicolon into smaller readable files that it will read all the characters in the field.


I have been trying to use the blob tools but no success.




From your description of the data, it seems like this should work:

Change the delimiter (option 5 on the Input Tool) to a semi-colon and just keep hitting 9 in the field length until it works.



Change the delimiter (option 5 on the Input Tool) to a semi-colon give a parse error.

ACE Emeritus
ACE Emeritus

can you provide an example of the source? Previous solution should work, so likely to be something specific with your source data


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Following on the suggestion my source data was the issue, I had to use Notepad++ to open the file and see contents (Will not open in Excel without size errors).  The problem is with the data.  The data (provided by IT) was already truncated. Thank you everyone as I spent a lot of time trying to figure out how why the data was truncated. This was my first post on the community!!!  Once I get a file without truncated data, I will try the suggestion again. 


Thank you for responding and the suggestions!!!