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Number format in excel output template get overwritten

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I have configured the output to a specified range of the excel template where number format is defined as #,##0.00.

"Variance Analysis byBrh.xlsx"+"|||"+[Type]+"$A1:M5000"

However, the exported file always show the numbers in the format as ###0.00, without the comma. 


As I observed, the format like column width are not being overwritten, but just this number format.


BTW, if I use the render tool, can I define the range for the output?

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @SciencePeak 


These are some of the nuances of using Output vs Render that you'll need to decide what works best for your case. When using the Output tool, you are able to specify the output range and keep cell formatting, but numeric fields will be output according to the Alteryx numeric format. In Alteryx, if you want comma separators, those commas are considered string characters (depending on localization settings) and that requires a string field.You can convert numeric values to strings and add the commas with the ToString( function which has an optional third argument for those commas. 


Things works a little different for the Render tool. You cannot specify a cell range, but the Table tool can create a Layout that includes numeric values with comma separators in Excel.


Also, what version of Alteryx Designer are you using? I haven't really tried out the new Excel enhancements that are a part of v2020.1.

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Hi @CharlieS  Thanks! I am using V2019.2.10.