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Null Value Coming when Trying to use Full Outer


HI All,


I am doing an full outer join to bring together results based of different filters. However the common dimension is coming in Null for entries that do not have a record in each result.




as you can see the row 9 value for subgroup should be Max but its coming in Null as that subgroup does done have values in count and right count. i have attached the workflow and data sheet. Is there a way i can being in the name of thesubgroup even if there is no match and show a 0 instead of null.




It is the 'MAX' record coming from the lower summarise.


As it doesn't exist in the top flow it ends up being a block of NULLs you only are taking the Count from the lower flow and not the key field:


I suggest you inclode the Sub Group from Input_#2 and then use a formula tool to merge it with the Input_#1 column.


Tweaked version of your workflow attached.


Thank you so much. This was very helpful!