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Null Rows

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I have 3 different inputs that I have joined and I need to get rid of thousands of null rows  ( I am self teaching myself) and I am not sure how to get rid of the thousands of Null rows - I have created a column called Starts On for all 3 files. Now not sure how to filter out the null rows so I can sort on the Starts On  - please help - and sorry if this is too 101 for you but am having issues.

The data from the 3 files all start like a_efective date, b_effective date and c_effective date and I have made new columns called Starts On - which Alteryx renamed Starts_On, Starts_on2, and Starts_on3. 

I just want to merge the 3 files and get rid of the thousands of Null rows and then sort by date

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Thanks for you question, 

Here are the steps to apply, 


Method 1 : easy one : 

Use "Data cleansing" and check : "Remove null rows" in the configuration window.


Method 2 : In case you want more advanced cleaning.


1. Use the "Union Tool" to combine all the 3 files one one output. 

2. Use the tool crosse tab to "transpose tool" : in the configuration window (on the left side of the screen), you can select the columns that contain null rows in "data columns".

3. Use a filter on the newly created column "value" and set it to "is not null"

4. Use the Crosstab tool :Group data by => Leave it empty / Change column headers chose : "Name", / Values for new columns chose "Value", and apply the "sum" as aggregating method. 


Attached an example of the workflow. 


If this answer is helpful, please check it as "solution", this will help other beginners find it easily 🙂 


Thank you, 


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Could you share a sample data? It will help us to give you the solution.



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Thank you this fixed the issue - thanks so much. my journey continues lol