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Not receiving email when error

6 - Meteoroid

I am using the events function to receive email when there's an error but the issue is when i used that for the macros runner, it didint send me an email although the runner fail to run which mean there's error for that runner, any idea why ? 


besides that, the end result for the macro says that it finished running but didint state the error, is this the macro issue ? Can refer the image below for better understanding.


Testing 4.png



11 - Bolide

The events on the workflow will only send an email if there is an error in the workflow itself. With the conditional runner macro the error is just that it didn't meet the condition, not that there was anything wrong with the workflow itself. As you can see from your screenshot your workflow itself contained no errors or warnings.




You can add a message tool to the workflow stream after your conditional runner that creates a workflow message to trigger your email though:


6 - Meteoroid


6 - Meteoroid

thx, ur message tool indirectly does what i want which is trigger the error