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Not able to access LeadHistory through Salesforce Connector

Alteryx Certified Partner


I am trying to pull out some data from LeadHistory object from Salesforce using the Alteryx Salesforce connector. However, it does not list the 'LeadHistory' object name in the objects list fetched from the Salesforce.

  1. Do I need to give some kind of access from Salesforce to access it in Alteryx or I can not connect to LeadHistory at all?
  2. That said, if it is the 2nd case, what kind of objects we cannot access through Salesforce connector.
  3. Is there any work around to access the LeadHistory object through Salesforce connector?

Any help is appreciated.

ACE Emeritus
ACE Emeritus

I've noticed that some objects don't appear in the list but it's worth trying just connecting to one of the known objects and then just changing table name to LeadHistory - that's worked for me for other objects.