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Node for reading Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin statistics


Hey everyone ! 


I want to get the Statistics data on Alteryx for Facebook, Twitter and linkedin to make a nice report summarising the evolution on the different platforms, the data already exists on all the platforms ( image for twitter for example ). So my question is; is there any tool that could do that directly or should I go through APIs first and then put the data on Alteryx ? 


Thanks for your time.


Edit: Forgot to put the image, sorry ^^" 

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

It's possible to connect to data using APIs from directly within Alteryx, this is most commonly achieved user the 'download' tool which allows you to pass appropriate paramters into the tool to bring your data down from the web.


There are a series of examples built out already which can be found on the Alteryx Gallery (!), these range from fairly simple, to extremely complex.


I believe the 'twitter followers' connector I have built is fairly easy to understand, barring the oauth part but I didn't do that bit! You can see that example here:!app/Get-Twitter-Followers/5a44b8dceffc2a0f5896548f




Thanks a lot ! 


Have a nice day.