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No sheet specified, you must specify a sheet


Hi guys


I've seen one or two posts on this and they all seem to marked as Resolved however the fix didn't work for me so I'm starting again.


Intermittent issue with Dynamic Input tool show the error below:


No sheet specified.JPG


As you can see, I have specified a sheet.


There was a suggestion from previous posts to add the sheet name to the file path in the Dynamic Input tool, this doesn't work for me - just defaults to the normal file-path on closing the dialogue box.


Anyone have a fix?  Or can spot the rookie mistake that I can't??



Alteryx Certified Partner

Hey @Stokesy


Can you screenshot your dynmic input config?



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Data Lover

Alteryx Certified Partner

Hey @Stokesy


You need to make sure you have specified a sheet name if your using "Change Entire File Path"


You can do this by adding a formula tool before the dynamic input and appending the sheet name onto the file this:




Here ya go


Dynamic Input Config.JPG

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That's what I thought...see my last post :)


Thanks Neil, that's done it.  Strange how this is an intermittent error though???  I'll just stick with this - if it works, it works :)

Alteryx Certified Partner

Awesome @Stokesy


I'd appreciate an accepted solution when you get a chance :)


Done.  Thanks


I am curious, what happens if the source file gets deleted?


I have created a Blue Prism automation that downloads reports from a web source and dumps them into a directory, daily, but it deletes any files older than 5 days to help with cleanup.


The idea is to then have an Alteryx workflow set to write the data from the saved file to a Microsoft SQL Database.