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No Lua script was found for corresponding ODBC driver




I am running calls to an API and appending new data (with "append existing" output option) on the end of a table in SQL.


On the 6th call, for some reason I'm getting an error;


Info: Output Data (99): ODBC Driver version: 03.80

Info: Output Data (99): No Lua script was found for corresponding ODBC driver.

Error: Output Data (99): Error opening "SELECT "record","bbls"...



I never got this before, in the previous calls and don't know how to get past this. Any help would be greatly appreciated!



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No Lua script message is likely due to the driver not being natively supported by Alteryx - try a different driver


Hi @Inactive User


Thanks for your reply. It's strange because this hasn't been a problem until now so perhaps the driver has stopped working?


How can I test this? and what is an alternative driver for SQL server?



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Try the Native 11, Native 10, the standard SQL Server and see if any of those 3 fix the problem. You can also do an ODBC trace to obtain the log file so when the issue happens you can get the details in the log to further troubleshoot. There should be 3-4 standard ODBC drivers for SQL Server with your install, just try a few different ones to see if the problem is fixed by doing that. What version of SQL Server are you using?


I'm using SQL Server 12.0 with ODBC Driver 13.


I ran an ODBC trace as you suggested and think I've found the error! - there are two addition columns that have appeared in this call of the API.


So now I need to map those columns to the table in SQL


I have a connect to put data from OBIEE.  I'm also getting this message also 'No Lua script was found for corresponding ODBC driver', but file seems to output just fine.  Need I be concerned, or just ignore?