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Newbie- Data conversion for V_string to date

Hi All,


I have a date coming in via Excel as Aug 15 2017. It is accepted into Alteryx as a V_string. I need to convert it to a date in yyyy-mm-dd format.


Converting via select tool or the DateTimeParse (tried DateTimeParse([Raw Date],"%Y/%m/%d")) results in nulls. Pls help


Thanks in advance


Try this out!

DateTimeParse([Raw Date], "%b %d %Y")

Josh's formula works DateTimeParse([Raw Date], "%b %d %Y") or you can use the DateTime tool as well but there's no way to convert the date in that format to a date using the select tool you have to format it first. 


For the DateTime tool you'd just select convert string to date time format and select the Raw Date field as the field you want to convert. Then select Custom for the format of the incoming string field and enter the following Mon dd yyyy and that will get your date output.


See attached workflow for the two options.



I have to convert "181028" as yy-mm- date but it shows fallowing error message . Can anyone help . 


ConvError: DateTime (10): DateTime_Out: Cannot convert "181028 " to a date/time with format "%Y%m%d": Month number is out of range 1..12: '28 ' Record #7