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New to TomTom Addon - How to find roads within polygon?


I'm new to the TomTom addon so I'm poking around and seeing what I can do. I see the Geo-Coder stuff, but I don't see how to pull out roads and their classification?


I'm assuming there's a tool like 'Allocate Append' for the census data, but for TomTom?


Or is there any good introductory resources? All I'm seeing is drive time polygon, but not much about using the actual tomtom data itself like roads, town/county/state boundaries, water, etc.


It seems this isn't a very popular problem, but I figured I'd post my results.


Buried in the TomTom data is an extraction tool, and from those extractions you have access to the street spatial objects. For being such an expensive package I was expecting a little more guidance.


The analytic app I found was buried here:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Alteryx\DataProducts\AlteryxMap\TomTom_US_2018_Q4\Analytic_Apps\TomTom_US_2018_Q4_Layer_Extraction.yxwz


That analytic app lets you pick the different layers you want to output: roads, county and political boundaries, water, etc. Once you have that there a lot of different files holding different functional classifications, local roads, interstates etc.


From there you're off to the races!