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New column added sort problem in Join




I didn't get the answer for this particular issue by searching online so just posted this issue. I am stuck in the sort issue when joining two data sources. Data source 1 has a date column added every month. It is in the left side of join. The issue is that in the output of join, that new column is in the last column of the output instead of next to data in the left stream. What I want the layout of output is left data columns, left new data columns, and right data columns. The sort function doesn't work in this case because I have some customized sorting not in an alphabet order. Is there a way I can achieve that? Thank you.    

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Try promoting the 'unknown or dynamic fields' check box upwards between the Left and Right data. Providing you only have data added to the left input this means any new fields will be inserted here.