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New Macro: Compare two datasets

Alteryx Partner

Hello Community!


Today I had a case where I needed to compare the values of two datasets. We optimized some alteryx workflows but needed to check that the values did not change.

So I ended up with this kind of logic for a macro:


1. Generating 500 "blank" columns, starting with column name 1,2,3....N. This should cover any amount of columns for our needs.

2. I make use of the MD5 Unicode function, mimicing the checksum function of a databse. MD5_UNICODE([1]+[2]...[n]). This concatenates all columns into one, then applies MD5 encryption to it to get one unique value per row. I also create column X with value "x".

3. I flip my MD5 value from rows to columns with X as header and "MD5" as value.  This places all the MD5 values into a single cell.

4. I then apply the MD5_UNICODE on the cell again for a shorter yet equally unique value.

5. We compare the MD5 value of dataset 1 with dataset 2. If we get the same value then the content of the datasets are identical.




Currently i am aware of the following restrictions:

1. The column header names are not compared.

2. The order of the columns must be the same for both datasets. A column sorting can fix this.

3. Both datasets are converted into V_W string before MDA logic is applied. This just made the MD5 formula more simple.

4. Lots of exessive columns are crerated.


Any feedback on optimizing this, or any issues I should pay attention to with this method is greatly appreciated.


Hope this macro can benifit the community as well.

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Have you considered using a CReW Macro, Expect Equals for the comparison?  There's also a CReW delta macro in the gallery.





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