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New Chart Tool Not Recognizing Layers (v2018.3)

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A few days ago I updated my alteryx from 11.7 to 2018.3. I'm trying to make a chart and it has the new tool configuration. I made a layer, but now when I go to set the legend and other details it tells me that no layers are present?


Did I miss something? I have another chart tool set up the exact same way and it worked fine?



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Hi @StephenMack,


Thank you for posting.


Could you please confirm that you have data for fields rssi_chan_5 and rssi_chan_4 ?




Paul Noirel

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The data is all there (and I picked them from the dropdown box). After running it a couple times now it's letting me add the legends.


Now I'm noticing that when I label the X axis and switch over to label the Y axis the text transfers as well. So if I enter "X-Axis" in the x axis section, then hit the y axis section, that will also be labeled "X-Axis".


Strange bugs with this new chart tool.


I guess I don't really have a problem anymore, just have to realize it's hit or miss and try running it a few times.

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ACE Emeritus


Thanks for posting -  I concur with this - have observed the same.

 - John

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I have the same problem, there is data coming into Interactive chart, however, the tool doesn't recognize the layers:



Could someone please help me with this? Thanks!

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I still experience this.  Is there no fix?  


Running the workflow doesn't work to refresh the tool so I continue to configure the layers.